Ida Lupino, Actress, Screenwriter, Director and Producer.

Ida Lupino, Actress, Screenwriter, Director and Producer.

Ida Lupino was born on February 04, 1918 (some references mention 1914) in London and died in 1995. She is an actress, screenwriter, director and producer who made her debut in front of the camera in small productions before leaving for Hollywood.

It was in 1941 that she met success with the movies "A Dangerous Woman" and "The Great Escape". Throughout her career as an actress, she played compositional roles, often playing "femme fatale" or "unhappy women".

Attracted to directing in the mid-1940s, Ida set up an independent production company called "FILMMAKERS" with her husband Collier Young, producer and screenwriter.

She would write, produce and direct low-budget films, often dealing with social issues. She became one of the few directors of the time whose films were noticed, such as "Never fear" and "The Bigamist". 1953 made her the first woman to direct a film noir, which was her first action film: "The Journey of Fear".

After cinema, Ida turned her attention to directing episodes of TV series with "My beloved witch ", "The fourth dimension", "The fugitive", "The incorruptibles" and "Alfred Hitchcock presents".

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